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Shriyog workshop series - yoga for women

Shriyog workshop series - yoga for women date - 29th JULY 2018 Venue - Shriyog, Magarpatta A few moments from our  # WorkshopSeries  conducted this Sunday at our centre in Magarpatta! MEntor Rajeshree explained in detail the top 5 concernes for women in todays times.  1.Reproductive health 2.Maternal health 3.Mental health 4.Unhealthy menstrual cycle and menopause 5.Wanting to stay young         She went on to explain a few Uterus related complicaitions, issues faced by young and  elderly women and how to prevent, cure and maintain a health Uterus with Asana practice. this was explained with an Asana demonstartion.          Some diet tips and precautions were explained as per the Ritucharya and dinacharya as well We would like to thank all the lovely ladies who joined us, we look forward to seeing you all at our next workshop on Pranayama, stay tuned for the details 

Shriyog workshop series

Some of us spend more time at work than we do at home, and this sedentary lifestyle takes a toll on the body in the long run. Keeping this in mind, our next workshop,  Yoga At Your Workplace, is tailored to suit those who spend a lot of time behind a screen or at a desk. Join us this Sunday, 15th July, from 7 am - 9 am at our centre in Magarpatta! 

shriyog corporate classes - Bajaj Auto Ltd

Today yoga does not need to be defined or introduced but it can be termed as a mindful and balanced approach to our way of life. Many a times it is not accessed due to lack of training or the correct knowledge of the subject. There is nothing like a sprinkle of humour to bring new spirit to stressed out corporate executives where classes are often peppered with smiles and laughter