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Shriyog - Spreading Joy of Good Health

Our biggest joy is in spreading the subject of yog to the future of our world. Every teacher is first, always a student

Shriyog - Rajani Yog Foundation

Rajani yog foundation is a branch of shriyog where classes, therapy and services are given to the less fortunate and ailing. All interactions done under the Rajani banner are absolutely  free of cost

Shriyog - Music therapy

Music therapy is one of the most rejuvenating classes. The raags in the class are sung live and in accordance to the season and time of the day. 

Shriyog - Parvakonasana

Parvakonasana works on the abdomen leaving one feeling light and ready for the day. Practice of asanas must be seasonal and as per the energy levels of an individual on a particular day.   Parvakonasana